Tokyo, Japan


Ascending Sky Park rises from and extends Shibuya and Shinjuku Ward parks creating a single year round green park attraction.  The glowing mountain of the stands enclosure emerges from the woven Ribbon Ramps of the Sky Park creating a participatory, multiple personality, urban park façade.

The sense of anticipation builds as spectators emerge from subway lines and other conveyances to begin the ascent up the sloping park ribbons to the north and south entry plazas at the building podium.  Guests enter the luminous tectonic enclosure and a bamboo and concrete clad seating bowl spreads out before them.  Light issues from a warped plane of ETFE roof panels above.  The roof panels above the field pivot open to the sky. 

Elevator and escalator connections allow easy access from the entry plazas to the three general concourses.  From the stands every seat has an unobstructed event view.  Movable sections of the first tier stands makes it possible to reconfigure from a track and field stadium to a more intimate soccer or rugby venue.

VIP guests have direct access from the subterranean parking and drop-off by secure elevator and escalator.  The level of the VIP boxes and secure seating has excellent views of the field while intimate VIP lounges view on to the green Ribbon Park.  VIP Restaurants and multi-use conference rooms share the panoramic view of the stadium, park and city skyline.

This unique stadium is an urban garden/park oasis in one of the densest cities in the world.  Spectators have a visceral connection to the sky and to the park from within the stadium.  Even when closed the clear ETFE roof does not obstruct the view to the ever changing sky.  When open the roof cushions create a sensation of raining flower petals or giant dewdrops.  Wood soffits and linings (constructed from engineered bamboo) bring warmth and intimacy into the structure and make this New Olympic Arena feel uniquely Japanese.  During nighttime events and concerts imagery can be projected on the ETFE surface to create a spectacular otherworldly atmosphere.

Throughout the arena there is a palpable sense of the park rising to enclose the structure. Circulation concourses open up broad views to the Ribbon Parks and the Tokyo skyline beyond so that spectators feel as if they are being embraced by one of Tokyo’s amazing garden spaces.  Spectators have easy access to concessions, restaurants and restroom facilities from every level.

The Iconic glass beacon for the stadium, the Sports Promotion Chrystal Tower, has an address and presence on Tokyo Metropolitan Road No. 414 as well as the North Entry Plaza.  Containing retail, museum, restaurant and sports bar facilities, the tower will become a twenty-four-hour publicity opportunity for the stadium.  The bridges between the stands and the tower allow spectators to access the sports promotion facilities during events and allow easy access to specific arena amenities such as restaurant and conference facilities during normal non-event days.  These facilities can also be cordoned off and accessed separately according to need.