Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica 

Under Construction 2024   

The beauty of Costa Rica takes on so many guises. In the Bahías project, the jungle canopy was the overarching inspiration for the 13 linked properties. Following Bahías came three much larger houses, all on extraordinary panoramic ocean-view sites. With the sustainability ethos of Costa Rica I searched for a response that would abstractly honor the fauna of this extraordinary country. An iconic symbol of Costa Rica, among many others, is the Rainbow Boa—a non-threatening constrictor famed for its beauty and docility. Looking at the imagery of Rainbow, one might assume that it is literally serpentine—but it is totally topographic—following the contours, with a massive textured concrete anchoring structural wall, from which all the spaces of the house cantilever. The roof surface inspired by the texture and color of the Rainbow Boa and evokes the seasonal flowering of the tree canopy colors—wraps under to become ceiling surface. A suspension "rope bridge" guides circulation while a sweeping cart path crossing the ravine becomes a thrilling ride, serving all components of Rainbow.



Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica 

Under Construction 2024   

Hojas (Petals) is organized as the composite of disparate programmatic pieces cascading down the site—each with singular roof expressions and with panoramic views toward the Pacific. Traveling along a narrow lane through dense landscape approaching the house arrival plaza, one encounters what appears to be the verdant leading edge of a giant airplane wing curling downward, framing a panoramic view through an expansive event space that poses as a garage. Entering the house proper, one steps onto a section of the floor that hydraulically lowers into the living spaces like a magic carpet. Off the deck of the main level an undulating path descends to a composite of water bodies. Finally, the lowest two Hojas form the guest house. The surface patination of the Hojas is similar to BahÍas, but with the admixture of flecks of color evoking the sometimes florid jungle canopy. On the upper entry level, smaller flanking Hojas contain gym/yoga spaces and prime suites. Like Rainbow, movement through Hojas is episodic, but flowing downward, instead of horizontally— like a breaking wave.